Tailim paper has led the growth of domestic corrugated
fiberboard industry based on continuous change and innovation.

Tailim paper is a Korea’s only paper and packing fusion technology research center, and aims to achive the company vision of
‘Global Total Packaging Solution Partner’ through business competitiveness strengthening, diversify products and discovering future growth engines.
In addition, we strive with the goal of continuous technology development and quality improvement in order to satisfy customer needs and lead the change in times. In the future, Tailim technology research institute will achieve the high quality and diversification of eco-friendly paper packaging materials through continuous investment and research and development.



Overview of technology institute

  • History

    Expansion and reform of research institute in 2020

  • Foundation

    September 9, 2010 (certification number:2010113194)

  • Organization

    2 teams(1 research team, 2 research team)

R&D Strategy

Secure the growth engine as Global Total Packaging group by securing R&D competitiveness

Contents of promotion

Strengthening the business
  • Achieve a competitive edge in quality.
  • Secure the innovative cost competitiveness through process improvement
Diversification of product
  • Develop the eco-friendly functional products
  • 3rd packaging → expansion of 1st, 2nd packaging market
Discovering and implementing
the future growth engine
  • Secure the eco-friendly process technology and material
  • Discovery the differentiated business item that can lead
    the market.

Promotion method

Collaboration between
PAPER & PKG business
  • Effective R&D collaboration between paper and packaging and establishment of site applicable system
Strengthening R&D
personnel competency
  • Continue internal/external education by strengthening the core research competency.
  • Cultivate the site technology by participating in the process.
Strategic technology
  • Build the network with external research institute
  • Jointly attracting academia & industry for national projects
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